96 Well Non-Skirted PCR Plate

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Standard profile, 0.2 ml wells, polypropylene, cut corner H12, working volume: <200 µl, total well capacity: 300 µl; universal non-skirted plate, designed for use on standard thermal cyclers

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Podrobný popis

  • Compatible with universal standard block thermal cyclers and sequencers
  • Ultra-smooth, uniform, thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR and real-time (RT, qPCR) results
  • Maximum thermal conductivity for efficient heat transfer and precise thermal cycling
  • Raised well rims prevent cross contamination and facilitate effective sealing for reduced evaporation
  • Raised black grid reference to aid well and sample identification
  • Super clear wells maximise sample visibility
  • Standard 0.2ml (200µl) working volume, with a 0.3ml (300µl) total well volume when used with sealing options
  • Features a cut corner at H12 for plate orientation
  • Compatible with standard multichannel pipettes
  • Available in a variety of colours, seen below
  • White plate ideal for qPCR, giving optimal signal-to-noise ratio for fluorescent based assays

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