IHC Kits

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  • Highly specific & sensitive monoclonal antibody
  • Complete immunohistochemical reagents
  • Detailed guide to the IHC experiment
  • Accurate and stable results

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Monoclonal antibody is high specificity and has a single biological function. It can highly specific and sensitive to recognize the target protein which has been widely used to study the biological function, differentiation and classification of tumor.

Immunohistochemistry kit is a comprehensive reagent that researchers need to use in the immunohistochemistry experiment. In our Immunohistochemistry kit, all the reagents required for immunohistochemistry are included.

Number of high-quality monoclonal antibodies which have been tested by strict quality control and guaranteed with small intra CV, high titer and no cross reactivity. Combined with high quality Immunohistochemistry regents and detailed experiment manual, you can save your scientific research cost and time, and the kit can help you to get the most accurate and satisfactory experimental results.

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