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Antibody Sampler Kits

Značka: Elabscience
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When a reaction occurs in a cell, it receives signal transmitted from outside the cell, and then the cell responds according to the information it received. The whole procedure from receiving external signals from cell receptors to making a comprehensive response is not only a signal transduction process, but also a process of gradually amplifying external signals, which involves a series of comprehensive responses.

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Antibody Sampler Kits are designed to provide scientific researchers with a range of relevant indicators such as cellular responses or signaling pathways. Elabscience's Antibody Sampler Kits are high-quality and cost-efficient, the kits include several specific antibodies directed against  cellular responses or signaling pathways and secondary antibodies matched to these antibodies. Antibodies in those kits are mainly validated by Western Blotting for these signaling pathways or cellular pathways. For additional lab requirements, refer to the manuals for specific antibodies linked within the kit.


At the same time, we welcome researchers to customize combinations kits of antibodies, we also provide a matching secondary antibody for free, but the order of the antibody types should be not less than 5.

Advantages of Antibody Sampler Kits: 

More Cost-effective: The kit contains a series of combinations of antibodies of cellular responses or signaling pathways, which is more cost-effective for customers who require this combination. 

More Flexible Selection: In addition to the integrated antibody kits, custom combinations are also available 

Matching Secondary Antibody for Free: No additional purchase of secondary antibodies to ensure the consistency of the results and save the experimental costs.

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