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96 Deep-well plate, round well, 2ml (50 plates)

Kód: 4TI-0130
Značka: 4titude
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96 Deep Well Storage Microplate, 2 ml round wells, U shaped bases, clear polypropylene

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Podrobný popis

These plates are manufactured in clean room facilities which are certified free of RNase, DNase, human genomic DNA and endotoxins. We use only the highest medical grade virgin polypropylene with high resistance against chemicals such as DMSO, phenol, and chloroform. The round wells of this plate range are suitable for most applications as they reduce droplet effects and wicking. U-bottoms are better for washing, mixing and pelleting and give high surface area. The standard SBS footprint ensures its compatibility with automation. These plates are suitable for many manual and automated protocols such as the Ilumina library and sample preps. They are suitable for use on magnetic plates for bead separation protocols. The plates can be sealed using cap mats, adhesive or heat seals.

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